About Us

Stanhope Organics Processing Facility

Infographic3Stanhope Organics Ltd. facility is a state of the art building constructed to produce high quality soil products. From the outside it may look just like a big building but inside many factors are at work helping us to produce superior, one of a kind aged cow manure on South Vancouver Island.

Our building was designed by Dr. John Paul and features:

  • Design and equipment for four large aerated windrows
  • Computer controlled aeration system
  • Reotemp wireless temperature probes and Supreme 700T EnviroProcessor
  • Exhaust system and biofilter.

The aerated flooring system in our building really sets us apart from other products. It is designed to provide optimal aeration for our conditioned manure material, the forced aeration combined with the natural chimney effect of a windrow provides superior processing. The aerated floor also provides optimal leachate collection and drainage.

For more info about Dr. John Paul and Transform Systems please visit http://www.transformcompostsystems.com/


The BuildingThe left panel shows the airlines in the floor prior to the concrete floor being poured.  Air and drainage holes in the floor.


Stanhope Dairy Farm History

'Wise words from Farmer Gordon Rendle'

stanhope history 1

I was born on Stanhope Farm, the second Stanhope Farm located on Richmond Road. The first Stanhope Farm was just outside the gates to the Uplands in Cadboro Bay but was moved because of urban sprawl.

In the 1950's, Stanhope Dairy Farm was the largest milk producer on Vancouver Island, milking 26 cows and supplying the Jubilee Hospital with its dairy requirements. But the growth of Victoria was creating problems and in 1956 the Tanner Road site was purchased with cows milked at both farms until 1960.

The Tanner Road farm by this time was milking 40 cows, a large number for that era.

stanhope history 2When I began school at Keating Elementary there were seven grades in one room, with one teacher. The children's last names were Mar, Michell, Polson, Sedgmen, McCarthy, Taylor, Armour, Raper, and more, but all from farms.

At this time it was a long distance phone call to the farm on Richmond Road. You could see two lights from the farmhouse at night, the Youell Farm and the Saanwood Farm.

The area on the west side of the two lane Pat Bay Hwy was all farms, now that highway is four lanes, people refer to it as Tanner Ridge.

On the hillside was a successful cherry orchard, a holly farm and several berry farms, many of whom purchased compost from Stanhope as they had when Stanhope was on Richmond Road.

'Soil processing has been supplementing Stanhope Farm gate revenues for nearly 100 years.'