28 Litre Bags

We now have screened manure available in convenient 28L bags!

bagged soil

Delivery & Pick Up

Pick Up

loading trailerCome on by and we will load your truck or trailer.

To access our property, turn onto Lochside Drive from Island View Rd, follow Lochside Drive until the road turns into a trail in front of you with 3 posts. Our driveway is immediately to your right, go up the driveway and someone will help you!

Delivery in Victoria and area - fast friendly service!

Our small dump truck can hold up to 6 yards or less and is perfect for home deliveries of our aged cow manure. ‚ÄčWe have prompt delivery available for any size load! Call 778-426-4626 with any questions or to set up a delivery!

Our tandem dump truck is capable of bringing in 30 yards of materials per load for large jobs - a cost effective option.

truck dumping soil pile raised garden bed