Cow Manure Products

Our manure products combine locally sourced yard and garden waste combined with ground up wood bedding that is used in our barns as bedding for our cattle. Next the manure and bedding is removed from our barns and conditioned in our specially designed facility. 


Our state of the art facility is the only soil processing facility on the south island, and we can guarantee temperatures ranging from 55 - 65 degrees Celsius are reached and maintained ensuring pathogens and noxious weeds are destroyed leaving behind a safe, weed free, nutrient rich product that will not rob nitrogen from your plants! It is also full of super beneficial micro and macro organisms that help plants thrive!


All of our manure products are stored inside our facility and remain dry and ready to use all year long!


fine screened manureRegular Screened Manure $35/yard

Our fine screened manure is loaded with micro and macro nutrients; whether you are adding to existing garden beds or starting new ones this product is the perfect way to naturally fertilize your plants. Nutrients will be released all season long and will help conserve water along the way. Not only will you be nourishing your plants, but the rich dark material will be sure to make all the colours in your garden pop.

Ultra Fine Screened $40/yard

ultra fine screened manureOur ultra fine screened product is screened twice for ultimate nutrient concentration.  Based on our fine screened product, our ultra fine is ideal for planters, pots, and vegetable/garden beds.

Lawn saver

Lawn Saver Blend $45/yard

Ideal for topdressing existing lawns or seeding new ones, our lawn saver blend combines our ultra fine screened product with washed sand in a 70%-30% mix.

Custom Blends

Combinations of any of our products can be made to specification at an additional cost of 5$/yard.  This includes fine screened, ultra fine screened, and washed sand.